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Bible Book Club

The Book Club meets the Bible

Book clubs are a great way to explore a book in a social setting - so why not enjoy this format as a way to discover more about the books of the Bible? We usually hear or read these books in the form of short extracts. This is a chance to find out more about how a whole book fits together.

Join us

Like to take part? Just contact Sally on to find out which book we're reading next and how to join in. You can discover guides on the various books at the Bible Society website. For those of you who were part of the Bible book club we ran during lockdowns, this will have the same format, but we will meet face to face and we will try not to repeat any of the books we read before.

Coming up

We will be tackling the book of Genesis next at Bible Book club, but as it’s a long book we will be splitting it into 2 parts:
Tuesday 4th July 10.30am Genesis chapters 1-25; Tuesday 1st August 10.30am Genesis chapters 26-50, both at church.  It’s a great chance to read some of the Bible and discuss the things you liked and the things you didn’t with other people and get to understand the Bible better.  Sally can give you further details and please speak to her if you would like to join us but can’t make those times.

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